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Nodix was the former name of this website (used from 2001-2007) before it was renamed to Simia. While it was called Nodix, there were 290 posts on this page, illustrated in this overview (read on underneath for more information on Nodix)

Nodix was started 14 January 2001, back then as a website about the topics I was and mostly still am interested in. The technology used was kind a minimal, but many of the original elements still survived, like the background colour (see this post on the background colour) and the very simple design.

The name Nodix comes from the role playing game Das Schwarze Auge, where it describes the intersection of two or more Kraftlinien, comparable to ley lines. I thought it is a nice name, as I considered the web also consisting many connections, and Nodix being one of the intersections of the web (since I bring together some rather separate topics). In Das Schwarze Auge the term Nodix was introduced under the wrong assumption that it is the singular of the term Nodices, which is latin and means intersection points. The correct singular would have been Nodus.

In 2006 it was pointed out to me that there is another meaning for English speakers, if they make a break after the No-. I disliked this meaning so much I decided to rename the page to Simia.

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