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Simia offers a number of RSS feeds to subscribe to:

All posts on Simia

All English posts on Simia

All German posts on Simia / Alle Deutschen Einträge als RSS-Feed

Just Semantic Web related stuff

Just Semantic Web related stuff on English

All comments on this site

All English comments on this site

All German comments on this site

If you are interested in a certain topic, go to the list of all topics, click on the one you are interested in. On the page you will find a link to subscribe to all posts on this topic. If you are on a particular post, you will see comments. You can subscribe to the comments of those posts on the post's page.

There is also a feed of all changes on this website:
Atom feed of all changes
I would be rather surprised if anyone subscribes to this one :)

If you want some other feeds, write me. It is easy to set them up.

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