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22 years of Wikipedia15 January 2023Simia
7 Jahre14 January 2008Simia
A sermon on tolerance and inclusion4 January 2022Simia
ARS Ludis veröffentlicht25 January 2003ARS Ludis
Ab nach Bielefeld30 January 2003
Abraham Taherivand to step down from Wikimedia Deutschland26 January 2021Simia
Alles im Fluss23 January 2003
Architektur27 January 2006DSA4 Werkzeug
Charlie Wilson's War29 January 2008Movie
Collaborative Knowledge Construction30 January 2007Semantic Web
Comments to naming13 January 2005Semantic Web
Connectionism and symbolism: The fall of the symbolists26 January 2023Simia
DSA4 Werkzeug 1.1527 January 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
Darjeeling Limited12 January 2008Movie
Das Ende der Mysterien6 January 2003Nodix
Das Mädchen Doch14 January 2024Simia
Denny macht Milchreis6 January 2006
Ein Film sie alle zu finden27 January 2004
Ein halbes Jahrzehnt Nodix14 January 2006
Ein neuer Anfang15 January 2006DSA4 Werkzeug
GESTS journal invitation! - ideas for better spam12 January 2006Semantic Web
Goldener Würfel12 January 2007Game
Good bye, kuna!9 January 2023Simia
Gödel and physics20 January 2016
Happy Birthday, Nodix14 January 2004
Happy New Year!1 January 2002Statistics
Happy New Year, 2023!2 January 2023Simia
Kindheitsträume wahr werden lassen13 January 2008Computer science
Kleinigkeiten4 January 2003Nodix
Languages with the best lexicographic data coverage in Wikidata 20238 January 2024Simia
Long John and Average Joe1 January 2022Simia
Map of current Wikidata edits16 January 2022Simia
Meat Loaf21 January 2022Simia
Mehr Euromünzen18 January 2003Euro coins
Mozilla und nakit-arts9 January 2004
Neid auf Freiheit28 January 2006
Neues Release12 January 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
Normbrunnenflasche3 January 2020Simia
Nun mit Impressum2 January 2004
Nutkidz 29 January 2003Nutkidz
Nutkidz!2 January 2003Nutkidz
Playing around with Aliquot28 January 2024Simia
Progress in lexicographic data in Wikidata 20235 January 2024Simia
RIP Niklaus Wirth4 January 2024Simia
Rad der Zeit 1016 January 2003Fantasy
Released dlpconvert31 January 2005Semantic Web
Semantic MediaWiki 1.0 released9 January 2008Semantic Web
Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic MediaWiki goes business12 January 2007Semantic Web
She likes music, but only when the music is loud9 January 2022Simia
Social Web and Knowledge Management10 January 2008Semantic Web
Knowledge management