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OWL has some sublanguages which are all more or less connected to each other, and they make the mumbojumbo of ontology languages not any clearer. There is the almighty OWL Full, there's OWL DL, the easy* OWL Lite, and then there are numerous 'proprietary' expansions, which are more (OWL-E) or less (OWL Flight) compatible and useful.

We'd like to add another one, OWL DLP. Not because we think that there aren't enough already, but because we think this one makes a difference. Because it has some nice properties, like fully translatable to logic programs, and because it is easy to use and because it is fully compatible to standard OWL, and you don't have to use any extra tools.

If you want to read more, I and some colleagues at the AIFB wrote a short introduction to DLP (and the best thing is: if I say short, I mean short. Just two pages!). It's meant to be easy to understand as well - but if you have any comments on that, please provide them.

 * whatever easy means here

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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