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I had a talk on Philosophical Foundations of Ontologies last week at the AIFB. I prepared it in German (and thus, all the slides were in German) and just before I started I got asked if I may give the talk in English.

Having never heard a single lesson in philosophy in English and having read English philosophy only on Wikipedia before, I said yes. Nevertheless, the talk was very well perceived, and so I decided to upload it. It's pure evil PowerPoint, no semantic slides format, and I didn't yet manage to translate it to English. If anyone can offer me some help with that - I simply don't know many of the technical terms, and I don't have ready access to the sources - I would be very happy! Just drop me a note, please.

Philosophische Grundlagen der Ontologie (PowerPoint, ca. 4,5 MB)

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Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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