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Ab sofort mit Backlinks22 October 2005
Academic lineage16 October 2019Wikidata
Asterix in Gefahr21 October 2005
Auswärts bloggen18 October 2004Travel
Captain Kirk will ins All22 October 2004
DSA4 Werkzeug 1.2423 October 2003
Das Stöckchen behalte ich12 October 2006Stöckchen
Der neue Pythonblogger17 October 2004
Diplomarbeit abgegeben7 October 2003
Do you hear the people sing?5 October 2023Simia
Eine Viertelmillion9 October 2005
Essener Spielemesse, Teil 125 October 2004Travel
Essener Spielemesse, Teil 229 October 2004Travel
Essener Spielemesse, Teil 330 October 2004Travel
F in Croatian15 October 2023Simia
Flower of Carnage29 October 2005
History of knowledge graphs29 October 2019Knowledge graph
Hommingberger Gepardenforelle27 October 2005
Java developers f*** the least19 October 2006Semantic Web
KAON2 OWL Tools V0.2321 October 2005Semantic Web
Karl-Heinz Witzko4 October 2022Simia
Keine Spielmesse24 October 2003
Markus Krötzsch ISWC 2022 keynote28 October 2022Simia
Meeting opportunities18 October 2006Semantic Web
Meine Arbeit21 October 2004
My horoscope for today22 October 2008Fun
Neuer Blogger16 October 2004
Noch eine Blume: die Tulpe30 October 2005
On the competence of conspiracists28 October 2019Quote
Our four freedoms for our technology6 October 2021Simia
Pastir Loda19 October 2023Simia
Power in California23 October 2019Rant
RDF in Mozilla 217 October 2006Semantic Web
RDF is not just for dreamers9 October 2005Semantic Web
Rettet die Kinos!28 October 2003
SWSA panel10 October 2021Simia
Semantic Web and Web 2.021 October 2006Semantic Web
Ten years of Wikidata29 October 2022Simia
The Fourth Scream31 October 2019Fiction
The letter Đ24 October 2023Simia
Why some are disenchanted20 October 2005Semantic Web
Wikidata crossed Q1000000006 October 2020Simia
Wurzelbehandlung11 October 2002
XML4Ada95 0.916 October 2003
XML4Ada95 wächst9 October 2003
XML4Ada95 wächst weiter10 October 2003