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After a long hiatus, due to some technical problems, finally I could create a new version of the owl tools. So, version 0.27 of the owl tools is now released. It works with the new version of KAON2, and includes six months of bug fixing, but also a number of new features that have introduced a whole new world of new, exciting bugs as well.

The owl latex support was improved greatly. Translation of an owl ontology is done now more careful, and the user can specify much more of the result than before.

A new tool is owl luna - luna like local unique name assumption. It adds an axiom to your ontology that states that all individuals are different from each other. Due to most ontology editors not allowing to do this automatically, here you find a nice maintenance tool to make your ontology much less ambiguous.

The translations of OWL/RDF to OWL/XML and back have been joined in one new tool, called owl syntax, that allows you to translate owl ontologies also to OWL Abstract Syntax, a much nicer syntax for owl ontologies.

owl dlpconvert has been extended as it now also serialzes it results as RuleML if you like. So you can just pipe your ontologies to RuleML.

So, the tools have both become sharper and more numerous, making your toolbelt to work with owl in daily life more usable. Get the new owl tools now. And if you peek into the source code, the code has underwent a major clean up, and you will also see the new features I am working on, that have to do with ontology evaluation and more.

Have fun with the tools! And send me your comments, wishes, critiques!

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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