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Working with ontologies isn't yet as easy as it could be - especially because the number of little helpers is still far too small. After having written dlpconvert and owlrdf2owlxml (the tool with the maybe most clumsy name in the history of the Semantic Web) I noticed how easy it would be to write some more tools based on Boris' KAON2 OWL ontology infrastructure.

And so I went ahead. First I integrated dlpconvert and owlrdf2owlxml (or short, r2x) in it, then I added a simple ontology dumper and axiom and entity counter. Want to know how many individuals are in your ontology? Simply type owl count myontology.owl -individual, and there you go. Want a list of all Classes? Try owl print myontology.owl -owlclass. It's as easy as that.

I'm totally aware that this functionality maybe isn't worth the effort of building a tool for. But this is just a beginning: I want to add more functionality to filter, merge, compare and much more to it. The point is, at the end having a handy little set of OWL tools you can work with. I miss that really with OWL, and now here it is. At least, a beginning.

Grab your copy now of the AIFB OWL Tools.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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