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Happy New Year, 2023!2 January 2023Simia
Good bye, kuna!9 January 2023Simia
22 years of Wikipedia15 January 2023Simia
Connectionism and symbolism: The fall of the symbolists26 January 2023Simia
Ina Kramer (1948-2023)15 February 2023Simia
The place of birth of Ena Begović24 February 2023Simia
Oscar winning families13 March 2023Simia
Running out of text16 March 2023Simia
Last Unicorn dreamcast22 March 2023Simia
Gordon Moore (1929-2023)25 March 2023Simia
No April Fool's day28 March 2023Simia
How much April 1st?29 April 2023Simia
20 years of editing Wikipedia11 May 2023Simia
Wikidata - The Making of19 May 2023Simia
The right to work20 May 2023Simia
Hot Skull9 June 2023Simia
The Future of Knowledge Graphs in a World of Large Language Models23 June 2023Simia
The Jones Brothers16 July 2023Simia
Butter4 August 2023Simia
Doug Lenat (1950-2023)1 September 2023Simia
Molly Holzschlag (1963-2023)6 September 2023Simia
Immortal relationships16 September 2023Simia
Do you hear the people sing?5 October 2023Simia
F in Croatian15 October 2023Simia
Pastir Loda19 October 2023Simia
The letter Đ24 October 2023Simia
Wikidata crossed 2 billion edits2 November 2023Simia
Existential crises4 November 2023Simia
Babel13 November 2023Simia
Sam Altman and the veil of ignorance18 November 2023Simia
Moving to Germany1 December 2023Simia
Little One's first GIF10 December 2023Simia
Finding God through Information Theory18 December 2023Simia
Star Trek's 32nd century19 December 2023Simia

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