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You know? Go ahead, tell me!

I really want to know what you think a good ontology is. And I will make it the topic of my PhD: Ontology Evaluation. But I want you to tell me. And I am not the only one who wants to know. That's why Mari Carmen, Aldo, York and I have submitted a proposal for a workshop on Ontology Evaluation, and happily it got accepted. Now we can officially ask the whole world to write a paper on that issue and send it to us.

The EON2006 Workshop on Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web - 4th International EON Workshop (that's the official title) is co-located with the prestigous WWW2006 conference in Ediburgh, UK. We also were very happy that so many reknown experts accepted our invitation to the program committee, thus ensuring a high quality of reviews for the submissions. The deadline is almost two months away: January 10th, 2006. So you have plenty of time to write that mind-busting phantastic paper on Ontology Evaluation until then! Get all the details on the Workshop website http://km.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/ws/eon2006.

I really hope to see some of you in Edinburgh next May, and I am looking for lively discussions about what makes an ontology a good ontology (by the way, if you plan to submit something - I would love to get a short notification, that would really be great. But it is by no means requested. It's just so that we can plan a bit better).

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21 November 2005 17:15:00

Harry Potter is an excellent example of a good ontology.

21 November 2005 17:19:00

Uhm, I really would need a bit more of an explanation for that :)

Ralf Baumgartner
22 November 2005 00:17:00

1) Harry Potter are supposed to be only seven books in the end, and 2) even when it would be wrong. ... Ok, I shut up.