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Simia is the name of this website. It is the personal homepage of Denny Vrandečić, and reflects his interests, hobbies, research, and whatever else he wants to express here. It used to be called Nodix, but there were some issues with the name. It was renamed to Simia end of 2007. Thus Simia -- in its Nodix incarnation -- was created 14 January 2001, exactly one day before Wikipedia.

Simia has both a blog and other content pages, loosely coupled. It runs on Semantic MediaWiki. It's canonical URL is

The name Simia has several connotations:

  • in biology it means ape or monkey. Simia was one of the four original genera of the primates, as introduced by Linnaeus himself. By 1929 it was decided to drop the genus, as all species who were considered simia have been sorted in other places in the taxonomy
  • in the role playing game Das Schwarze Auge, Simia is the deity of creativity, and legends sing that Simia was the first of the elves to come out of the light

And I like the sound of it.

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