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New versions of owlrdf2owlxml and dlpconvert are out.

owlrdf2owlxml got renamed, as it was formerly known as rdf2owlxml. But as a colleague pointed out, this name can easily be misunderstood, meaning to transform arbitrarily RDF to OWL. It doesn't do that, it only transforms OWL to OWL, from RDF/XML-serialisation to XML Presentation Syntax. And it seems to work quite stable, it can even transform the famous wine ontology. Version 0.4 out now.

dlpconvert lost a lot of its bugs. And as most of you were feeding RDF/XML to it, well, now you can do it officially (listen to the users), too. It reads both syntaxes, and creates a Prolog program out of your ontology. Version 0.7 is out.

They are both based on KAON2, the Karlsruhe Ontology Infrastructure module, written by Boris Motik. My little tools are just wrapped around KAON2 and using its functionality. To be honest, I'm thinking of writing quite a number of little tools like this, who offer different functionality, thus providing you with a nice toolkit to handle ontologies efficiently. I don't lack ideas right now, it's just I' m not sure that there's interest in this.

Well, maybe I should just start and we'll see...

By the way, both tools are not only available as web services, but you may also download them as command line tools from their respective websites and play around it on your PC. That's a bit more comfortable than using a browser as your operating system.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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