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Very thoughtful - I simply forgot to publish the last entry of this blog. Well, there you see it finally... but let's move to the new news.
Another KAON2 based tool - rdf2owlxml - just got finished, a converter to turn RDF/XML-serialisation of an OWL-ontology into an OWL/XML Presentation Syntax document. And it even works with the Wine-ontology.

So, whenever you need an ontology in the easy to read OWL/XML Presentation Syntax - for example, in order to XSL it further to a HTML-page representing your ontology, or anything like that, because it's hard to do this stuff with RDF/XML, go to rdf2owlxml and just grab the results! (The results work fine with dlpconvert as well, by the way).

Hope you like it, but be reminded - it is a very early service right now, only a 0.2 version.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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