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I stumbled upon "White's Illusion" and was wondering - was this named after a person called White, or was this named because, well it is an illusion where the colour white plays an important role?

As usual in this case, I started at Wikipedia's article on White's illusion. But Wikipedia didn't answer that question. The references at the bottom also didn't list to anyone named White. So I started guessing it's about the colour.

But wait! Skimming the article there was a mention to "White and White (1985)" - but without any further citation information. So not only one White but two of them!

Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar didn't help me resolving "White and White (1985)" to a proper paper, so I started suspecting that this was a prank that someone entered into the article. I started checking the other references, but they indeed reference papers by White! And with those more complete references I was able to find out that Michael White and Tony White wrote that 1985 paper, that they are both Australian, that Michael White wrote a number of other papers about this illusion and others, and that this is Tony White's only paper.

I added some of the info to the article, but that was a weird ride.


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