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I stumbled about another Semantic MediaWiki, an implementation created by Hideaki Takeda and Muljadi Hendry of the Japanese National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo. Their implementation looks very neat, although it is quite different in a few basic things (that we consider crucial in order to work), take a look at their full paper (it's in their wiki - oh, and it's in Japanese).

The basic difference between their approach and the one we suggest is that they add metadata management abilities to MediaWiki - which is cool. But they don't seem to aim at a full integration into the Wikipedia, i.e. embedding the metadata into the article text instead of appending it at some place. Actually, if we had software that is able to process natural languages, we wouldn't need our approach, but their would still be useful.

Nevertheless, they have a big huge advantage: a running system. Go there, take a look, it's cool! Actually, we have a system online too, but won't yet disclose the link due to a bug that's a kind of showstopper. But expect it to be online next week - including the source and all! It will be just a first version, but I sure hope to gather the people who want to work on it around the code.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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