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I read in an interview in Focus (German) with Andreas Weigend, he says that publishing his travel arrangements in his blog helped him meet interesting people and allow for unexpected opportunities. I actually noticed the same thing when I wrote about coming to Wikimania this summer. And those were great meetings!

So, now, here are the places I will be in the next weeks.

  • Oct 18-Oct 20, Madrid: SEKT meeting
  • Oct 22-Oct 26, Milton Keynes (passing through London): Talk at KMi Podium, Open University, on Semantic MediaWiki. There's a webcast! Subscribe, if you like.
  • Oct 30-Nov 3, Montpellier: ODBASE, and especially OntoContent. Having a talk there on Unit testing for ontologies.
  • Nov 5-Nov 13, Athens, Georgia: ISWC and OWLED
  • Nov 15-Nov 17, Ipswich: SEKT meeting
  • Nov 27-Dec 1, Vienna: Keynote at Semantics on Semantic Wikipedia
  • Dec 13-17, Ljubljana: SEKT meeting
  • Dec 30-Jan 10, Mumbai and Pune: the travel is private, but this doesn't mean at all we may not meet for work if you're around that part of the world

Just mail me if you'd like to meet.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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