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Restarting, 2019 edition18 March 2019Simia
Prediction coming true19 March 2019Simia
Spring cleaning20 March 2019Simia
Something Positive
Wikipedia demonstriert21 March 2019Wikipedia
A bitter, better lesson22 March 2019AI
DSA Erfolgswahrscheinlichkeiten23 March 2019Das Schwarze Auge
Something Positive in Deutsch wieder online24 March 2019Something Positive
Turing Award to Bengio, LeCun, and Hinton27 March 2019Computer science
EMWCon Spring 20192 April 2019Semantic MediaWiki
EMWCon 2019, Day 14 April 2019Semantic MediaWiki
EMWCon 2018, Day 25 April 2019Semantic MediaWiki
Shazam!7 April 2019Review
Milk consumption in China8 April 2019Rant
How much information is in a language?16 April 2019Review
An indigenous library17 April 2019Knowledge
Papaphobia23 April 2019Rant
AI and role playing29 April 2019RPG
May 2019 talks30 April 2019Denny
Abstract Wikipedia
Golden2 May 2019Wikipedia
Knowledge Graph Conference 2019, Day 19 May 2019Semantic Web
Trip report
Knowledge Graph Technology and Applications 201923 May 2019Trip report
Wiki workshop 201924 May 2019Trip report
Web Conference 201925 May 2019Trip report
The end of civilization?15 June 2019

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