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100.000 Besucher!2 February 2004
A new site is born27 February 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
A quick draft for a curriculum for Computer Science13 February 2022Simia
Ante Vrandečić (1919-1944)17 February 2022Simia
Blumengruß13 February 2003
Boole and Voynich and Everest3 February 2021Simia
Building knowledge together - extended5 February 2007Semantic Web
Coming to New Zealand16 February 2008Semantic Web
New Zealand
DL Riddle28 February 2007Semantic Web
DSA4 Werkzeug 1.1717 February 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
DSA4 Werkzeug 1.1819 February 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
DSA4 Werkzeug 1.2025 February 2003DSA4 Werkzeug
Der Name Zdenko24 February 2021Simia
Die GUI - XUL, HTML und CSS27 February 2006
Die Hasselhof-Rekursion12 February 2005
EON2006 deadline extension27 February 2006Semantic Web
Entschuldigung!15 February 2003Nodix
Flop of the Year?11 February 2005Semantic Web
Frohen Februar12 February 2002Statistics
Frohen Valentinstag14 February 2004
Fun with Google21 February 2004
Get Morse code from text6 February 2024Simia
Hausarbeit fertig18 February 2004
In Sheffield22 February 2006Travel
Ina Kramer (1948-2023)15 February 2023Simia
Introducing rdf2owlxml10 February 2005Semantic Web
Ironie11 February 2005
Katherine Maher to step down from Wikimedia Foundation4 February 2021Simia
Mail problems7 February 2007Semantic Web
Melodie zu Diadem aus Elfenhand12 February 2003Das Schwarze Auge
My Erdös Number26 February 2006Semantic Web
Noch mehr Euromünzen24 February 2003Euro coins
Nutkidz Jubiläum4 February 2007Time
Oscars29 February 2004
Risiko Alter28 February 2004
Talk in Korea9 February 2007Semantic Web
The Strange Case of Booker T. Washington’s Birthday4 February 2022Simia
The name Zdenko23 February 2021Simia
The place of birth of Ena Begović24 February 2023Simia
Time on Mars5 February 2021Simia
Ultimatum läuft ab5 February 2003Schwesterchen
Umbau von Nodix27 February 2004
Valentinstag14 February 2005
Wachstumsmodelle6 February 2003Statistics
Wired: "Wikipedia is the last best place on the Internet"18 February 2020Simia
Zur Macht der Blogger27 February 2007Web
Zurück aus Sheffield26 February 2006Travel