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This year, I am going to skip April Fool's day.

I am not being glib, but quite literal.

We are taking flight NZ7 starting on the evening of March 31 in San Francisco, flying over the Pacific Ocean, and will arrive on April 2 in the early morning in Auckland, New Zealand.

Even if one actually follows the flight route and overlays it over the timezone map, it looks very much like we are not going to spend more than a few dozen minutes, or at most a few hours, in April 1, if all goes according to plan.

Looking forward to it!

Here's the flight data of a previous NZ7 flight, from Sunday:

Here are the timezones (but it's Northern winter time). Would be nice to overlay the two maps: 1672px-Standard_time_zones_of_the_world_%282012%29_-_Pacific_Centered.svg.png

Where's Wikifunctions when it's needed?

The question seems to be twofold: how often do we cross the dateline, and how close are we to local time midnight while crossing the dateline. For a perfect date miss one would need to cross the dateline exactly once, at a 24 hour difference, as close as possible to local midnight.


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