Double language links on sw Wikipedia

The Wikipedia articles linked to here listed, as of the dump created on June 23rd, 2012, more than one language link to the same other language. This may indicate an error.

Nazi (tunda) to [[ja:ココナッツ]]

Trabzon to [[ja:トラブゾン]]

Seraphino Antao to [[en:Athletics Kenya|Athletics Kenya]]

Honey to [[es:Honey (canción)]]

Sleji to [[sr:Sanke]]

Unyogovu to [[it:Disturbo depressivo]]

Kwelea to [[ru:Ткачи]]

Gianfranco Chiarini to [[pl:Gianfranco Chiarini]]

Wamakabayo to [[pl:Powstanie Machabeuszów]]

Louis Althusser to [[ja:ルイ・アルチュセール]]

Created June 23rd 2012, Denny Vrandečić.

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