Double language links on oc Wikipedia

The Wikipedia articles linked to here listed, as of the dump created on June 23rd, 2012, more than one language link to the same other language. This may indicate an error.

Lengas minorizadas to [[ca:Llengua regional]]

Bovinae to [[ca:Boví]]

Rei to [[eo:Reĝo]]

Vaca to [[de:Milchkuh]]

Cartisme to [[he:התנועה הצ'רטיסטית]]

Vasile Tarlev to [[pt:Vasile Tarlev]]

Fossil to [[ca:Registre fòssil]]

Ensenhament superior to [[ca:Educació terciària]]

Laütièr to [[nl:Vioolbouwer]]

Ostau deus Invalids to [[de:Hôtel des Invalides]]

Vitamina C to [[fr:Acide_ascorbique]]

Calcari to [[ca:Pedra calcària]]

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence to [[nl:SETI]]

Laurence Olivier to [[pl:Laurence Olivier]]

Created June 23rd 2012, Denny Vrandečić.

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