Double language links on gd Wikipedia

The Wikipedia articles linked to here listed, as of the dump created on June 23rd, 2012, more than one language link to the same other language. This may indicate an error.

Clàrsach to [[en:Harp]]

Rapunsail to [[et:Rapuntsel (muinasjutt)]]

Adhar to [[got:𐌷𐌹𐌼𐌹𐌽𐍃/Himins]]

Baile mòr to [[ja:都市]]

Baile mòr to [[ro:Oraș]]

Ùrlar to [[de:Geschoss (Architektur)|(architecture)]]

Briogais-snàmh to [[en:Swimsuit]]

Prìomh-mhinistear to [[ja:首相]]

Prìomh-mhinistear to [[zh:首相]]

Gimel to [[en:Gimel (letter)]]

Bruis to [[nl:Kwast (gereedschap)]]

Bruis to [[nl:Borstel]]

Bròg-cuibhle to [[en:Roller skating]]

Prothaid to [[en:Profit maximization]]

Foileag to [[es:panqueque]]

Foileag to [[es:Tortita]]

Eun-turais to [[es:Migración de las aves]]

Mukawa to [[ja:むかわ町]]

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