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The Wikipedia articles linked to here listed, as of the dump created on June 23rd, 2012, more than one language link to the same other language. This may indicate an error.

Siartiaeth to [[he:התנועה הצ'רטיסטית]]

Cymuned hoyw to [[ru:Гей-движение|(другая статья на эту тематику|another article about this theme)]]

Bachgen to [[az:Oğlan]]

Y Fflam to [[en:Y Fflam]]

Mudo dynol to [[nl:Relatieve verwantschap tussen volken]]

Label recordio to [[ja:レコード会社]]

Label recordio to [[sv:Skivbolag]]

Triaglog to [[de:Baldrian]]

Y gofod to [[pl:Przestrzeń kosmiczna]]

Y gofod to [[th:อวกาศ]]

Owen to [[br:Owen]]

Ymosodiad Israel ar lynges ddyngarol Gaza 2010 to [[en:Gaza flotilla clash]]

Addysg uwchraddedig to [[fr:Postgraduate]]

Fflei to [[pt:Crucifixo (exercício)]]

Amlieithydd to [[fr:Hyperpolyglotte]]

Amulius to [[en:Amulius]]

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